30 Minutes in the Life | Jan 2020

As I write this, January is FINALLY over. It felt like the month that would NEVER end. I LOVE the beginning of January. Full of new beginnings and exciting endeavors and people committing to things. As the month rolls along though, it starts to feel really heavy. The last time the sun was out and it was nice outside feels like it was Christmas Morning! Until today that is! We finally saw the sun again and I am so excited to share a bit of our sun filled day with you. Ordinary, blissful, sun filled perfection!

It was so lovely. This one day of sunshine and 50 degree weather will help me to get through the next few weeks of dreary cold and likely wetness!

I so hope you enjoyed catching a peek of 30 minutes in our life. It isn’t much, but the ordinary-ness of it all is my favorite. 🙂 I’ve teamed up with a group of amazing photographers committed to capturing 30 minutes of our day each month. Next up in the blog circle is Jess! Go and check out her 30 minutes in the life!

6 thoughts on “30 Minutes in the Life | Jan 2020

  1. I love seeing your winter images with all the leaves on the ground. It may not be great for you but when I see a little change it makes me really happy. The fence image is stunning. Thanks for sharing.


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