30 Minutes in the Life | October

I love October. It is a beautiful and special month. I am SO EXCITED to be in the Midwest again during October. Today was a perfect and lovely day. We went to Mamaw and Papaw’s house and had a beautiful walk on one of the last warm days we are going to have. I took lots of photos and also took some photos of my parents which makes my heart so happy to be able to do and to have!

I so hope you enjoy seeing a snippet of our beautiful October day!

I am so sad that my mama’s lovely gardens are at their end for the Summer…but there is something beautiful about watching them start to dry and get ready for a cold Winter to come along and put them to sleep until the next Spring.

My parents are not keen on being online but I am going to share this faceless photo of their hands because I love it. ❤

I so hope you enjoy seeing a wee bit of our life this October. I am feeling so blessed and so excited about this beautiful season of change! Please check out my friend Jess and her 30 Minutes in the Life for October! Follow the blogs and get inspired and encouraged to tell your beautiful stories.

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