30 Minutes in the Life | March 2020

Goodness….what a March this has been, am I right?! So much to process and so much to digest. Lots of new normals I think and it has been rough. I was very excited about trying to get my 30 Minutes in the life done for March partially just so I had something else to focus on and somewhere else to put my attention. I think that is the only way to function through some of this icky stuff! I am scared and I am nervous and I am confused…it’s all just a lot of feelings and a lot to process. Be sure to check out the rest of the blogs for this month’s 30 Minutes in the Life. It will be a nice respite for you.

We normally spend a lot of time at home together but it has been especially rough make sure we don’t go anywhere. I was thinking just today that I think it has been about 3 weeks since I went out. That is a long time. Having to stay in my comfy and safe home isn’t the worst thing I can do for the sake of the community as a whole though and I am trying to count my blessings more than anything.

I went out and took a whole bunch of photos one afternoon. I hope you enjoy this 30 Minutes of my Quarantined Life.

Lots of Spring blossoms coming out and they are making my soul so full of joy and bringing me such comfort. I feel like everything is coming back alive and it is giving me just enough hope. The kind of hope that I really really need right now.

We also got some chalk out for some fun before rain blew in! The two younger kids just love this so much!

I so hope you are all doing really well!! I hope you are staying home and staying safe and healthy!! It is tough times, but it is so nice knowing that as a community we are all doing our part for each other. We are all in this together! Please head over to my friend Janets‘s blog and check out her 30 Minutes in the Life!

30 Minutes in the Life | Jan 2020

As I write this, January is FINALLY over. It felt like the month that would NEVER end. I LOVE the beginning of January. Full of new beginnings and exciting endeavors and people committing to things. As the month rolls along though, it starts to feel really heavy. The last time the sun was out and it was nice outside feels like it was Christmas Morning! Until today that is! We finally saw the sun again and I am so excited to share a bit of our sun filled day with you. Ordinary, blissful, sun filled perfection!

It was so lovely. This one day of sunshine and 50 degree weather will help me to get through the next few weeks of dreary cold and likely wetness!

I so hope you enjoyed catching a peek of 30 minutes in our life. It isn’t much, but the ordinary-ness of it all is my favorite. 🙂 I’ve teamed up with a group of amazing photographers committed to capturing 30 minutes of our day each month. Next up in the blog circle is Jess! Go and check out her 30 minutes in the life!

30 Minutes in the Life |December Festive Five

This Month for 30 Minutes in the Life we are doing something a little different just sharing a festive five photos with you. I confess that taking photos during the holidays is so hard for me for some reason, but here are my Festive Five from our Christmas this year. 🙂

Just a few wee photos from our day. Nothing HUGE or grand or exciting, but special moments to me nonetheless! Hop over to Kristina’s blog and see a peek at her Festive Five as well! Be sure to click through to everyone! ❤

30 Minutes in the Life | October

I love October. It is a beautiful and special month. I am SO EXCITED to be in the Midwest again during October. Today was a perfect and lovely day. We went to Mamaw and Papaw’s house and had a beautiful walk on one of the last warm days we are going to have. I took lots of photos and also took some photos of my parents which makes my heart so happy to be able to do and to have!

I so hope you enjoy seeing a snippet of our beautiful October day!

I am so sad that my mama’s lovely gardens are at their end for the Summer…but there is something beautiful about watching them start to dry and get ready for a cold Winter to come along and put them to sleep until the next Spring.

My parents are not keen on being online but I am going to share this faceless photo of their hands because I love it. ❤

I so hope you enjoy seeing a wee bit of our life this October. I am feeling so blessed and so excited about this beautiful season of change! Please check out my friend Jess and her 30 Minutes in the Life for October! Follow the blogs and get inspired and encouraged to tell your beautiful stories.